How Configuration Audit Helped In Identifying Misconfigured Email Gateway

Soveraign Solutions (TLIC) was contracted by a Tech company for conducting a configuration audit of their critical network assets. 

Team Soveraign Solutions (TLIC) Avant-grade configuration audit test cases helped in spotting an Email Gateway policy which used to drop a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails to one of the x-employees personal accounts. Successful detection and deletion of such policy helped the organization in safeguarding their employees’ and C-Suite executive’s email communications.

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A Configuration Audit is essential for ensuring that your website operates at its best. By opting for a Configuration Audit, you invest in the health, performance, and security of your digital presence. Our audit examines every aspect of your website’s setup, identifying potential issues and vulnerabilities.

Investing in a Configuration Audit is a proactive step toward maintaining a high-performing, secure, and reliable website. Stay ahead of potential issues and keep your digital presence optimized with a thorough examination of your website’s configuration.

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A leading Cyber Security and Digital Forensics company, Soveraign Solutions is a one-stop shop for everything in Cyberspace, comprising an excellent team of experienced professionals with years of expertise and global Cyber Security certifications. Our Cyber Security services and products help organizations in redefining their Cyber Strategy to combat the most advanced Cyber Attacks.

In addition to our Vulnerability Assessment and Pen-testing services, offering niche services like Virtual CISO, Cyber Advisors, Digital Forensics, ZERO Trust Architecture implementation & Secure Network Designing services allow our customers to confide in us in securing their organization.

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A Digital Report is a comprehensive overview of your online presence, offering valuable insights into the performance and effectiveness of your digital strategies.

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Vulnerability data refers to information about potential weaknesses or gaps in a system’s security that could be exploited by cyber threats. This data is crucial for understanding.

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Skilled consultants are experienced professionals with expertise in specific fields, offering valuable insights and guidance to individuals or organizations with a depth of knowledge.



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