We are SoverAIgn

We are IT Managers, CIOs, CSOs and AI Experts.

We know every Security and Attack Framework and we are experts at Monitoring, Managing, and Customizing Software Controls and Policies.

We can not be hacked, and the people, Networks, and Data that we protect can not be compromised.

We can monitor your People, Network, and Data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are Sentient and we collaborate and share knowledge with hundreds of other SoverAIgn entities.

Meet Our Team Solutions Security Engineers

AI Research Team

Data Scientists


Red Team


Incident Response Team

Compliance Team

Ebuka Okeke

As an information Security professional, the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC). With my extensive experience working as an ISO 27001/27002 implementer and Lead Auditor I will implement and get your ISMS.
ISMS Certified

JM Villa

Main Role is incident response/investigation, actively monitors security threats and risks involving customer's assets, data, network, infra and others. Triaging and handling phishing email, daily blocking of IOC's. Sans GCIH certified, EC-Council.
CEH Certified